Friday, September 5, 2008

Check Him Out Ladies...James Huffman!!!!!!!!!!!!

{I approached this guy in a cafe recently when I was downtown. I point blank told him he should be a model. When he informed me he had done some work, I begged him for an interview. At first he was a little scared but then he opened up. I learned so much about the modeling world and the importance of having other interests. I also learned (from this former New Yorker-a long time resident of Hell's Kitchen) the importance of forming creative groups. He is quite an artist and I found this so refreshing. It was amazing to meet a former model who was more than that}

:What is your occupation?

That’s a tough one. I do a lot: writer, actor, producer, “beverage guy…"

:Beverage Guy?

Day job. I’m a sales rep. for HINT in California, I distribute and market in shops to sell it to them or check it (if it’s already in stock).

:As a writer?

Right now I’m working on an Internet series about these two killers who are (both) looking for love on the Internet (think, or EHarmony), it’s a mix between Dexter and Serendipity, very dark comedy…

:You created it (the new series)?

Yes. Currently shooting episodes…third episode is being edited…

:Is there a following?

About 3,000 hits (viewers) so far for Episode One on UTube! For the second, which are very new, already 1,200!

:That’s SIC, any “professional actors” in this internet series?

There is this amazing actress whom I love working with, she’s awesome…her name is Anne Judson Yager from the movie, “Bring It On” she plays Maggie.

:I remember her in that movie, she is so talented! What's the process (in making these short films and such)?

It’s designed for the internet, each episode is five to six minutes in length, it’s tailored to a different appetite, people surfing on the web want something that’s fast, quick-n-easy, and to the point. Each one (episode) takes about a month to finalize. I multitask, write, produce, direct all at once and even make changes as its being produced.

:I wanted to ask you about the modeling…

I’m more of an actor, I did stuff in NY but now I’m doing exposure stuff here, it’s very competitive here, 10xs more than it is in NY, in LA it’s not about talent per se, the “town” oozes film/tv/marketing…personal drive and perseverance are key. I had an agent in NY but since coming here I detached a bit from an agency because the agencies here are not available to provide what it is I’m looking for. However, two weeks ago, I was booked for an independent film.


Afterlyfes, I’m very excited. I will play one of the leads, it will be pitched to major networks and will be shooting in the next few weeks.

:What else have you done for major networks?

Sometimes I do background stuff which I don’t really like as an actor but sometimes it’s good…you get to meet, mingle, work at Universal studies…recently I did some background work for Desperate Housewives and the next background work I'll do will be on the set of "Dirty Sexy Money." It’s a good way to get on a set...

:I love that guy in DSM from "Six Feet Under" he's slamming...So, you would say acting has taken over modeling? (Despair and disappointment in interviewer’s voice)

Acting was always first.

:(Sounding disappointed) :Ever do commercial print? (Attempts to talk about his modeling again, can’t get off subject really)

[ever so patient]: Catalog, commercial print, the money is good, not steady, I want to be more that just a face…

:But WHY?

(laughing) I feel I have more to offer as an actor. I did twelve years of modeling work in NY.

:I always ask, any celebrities?

I have a friend who dated a supermodel, forgot her name, she was the first African American Cover Girl. I recently attended Benny Medina's birthday party.


Mariah Carey’s manager. He is now dating my ex’s friend. It was a Casablanca themed party, everyone had to wear a tux. It was very surreal, so many famous people… Penny Marshall, Gooding Jr., John Mayer…it was really strange.

:That's so cool!!What was Mariah Carey like?

She was walking around with her 6 foot 6 body guard at a place where there was already security and other celebrities so it (the body guard’s presence) looked weird.

:What is your most significant accomplishment at the moment?

Collectively, (Production Co.) Our group is dynamic. I think it's hard to find a good creative group. I had one in NY. When I moved here, I spoke with some friends here and we started meeting weekly and we eventually formed a group. The group is made up of actors, writers, filmakers and through them I gained much inspiration. It was that same group who worked diligently with me on the 48 hour film competition. We were nominated as one of the best of LA.


It's titled The Playing Field. There were certain guidelines you had to follow for the competition. Every team receives a different genre. We got "Detective/Cop." That Friday night, about 10 of us brainstormed and kicked around ideas at my place til about 1AM. Then I kicked everyone out and wrote the script. I finished it around 4AM. I went with a "Film Nor" style story... like the old school black & white detective movies with Humphrey Bogart or Robert Mitchum.... but this story takes place in a contemporary setting.

:So tell me the story. summarize, this beautiful girl in a red dress comes in to my office one day, I melt in her hands and then she wreaks havoc on my life.


You're just gonna have to watch it yourself. Also, I am producing an improv semi scripted skit, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" type of series called THE NOBODIES. Its based on the real life adventures of all the IndieCity players. It's like Spinal Tap...

:What's Spinal Tap?

You've never heard of Spinal Tap? THIS IS SPINAL TAP, actually. Spinal Tap is the name of the semi fictional 80's rock band the movie focuses on. Its one of the original mockumentary's. Its hilarious. Anyway, THE NOBODIES is based on real life experiences but exaggerated for comedic and dramatic effect. In one of our first episodes... not yet released... we based the story on a situation in one of our actor's lives. Recently, when working with him, I (as a director) had to keep yelling at him for sighing so much; it was distracting and not part of the script. He couldn't no matter how hard he tried...stop and it became very funny, even for me. He (the same guy) also has this thing with his agent... not THAT kind of thing...she just coddles him...does stuff that's not really normal for an agent. She bakes him cookies and gives him rides (takes him places in her car) wherever he wants. She's basically like his...


Exactly. And so the last improv. our production company created for this show involved him sighing several times during a shot, to reinact an experience from his own life and we added his agent, an actress of course to be there supporting him...

:And she's going to get upset with you for getting upset with him?

Right. He starts sighing (again) and everyone is getting pissed and he's saying he's sorry and is trying to stop. ALL the while, his supportive-mommy-manager is there telling me, "That's his signature, we're (her company)trying to market his sigh and I'm saying "No, no, no, no!" It's very funny.

:I can't believe that really happened, minus the manager bit, I would be so embarrassed if I were him, I'm a sigher (is that a word?).

(laughing) Check it out on my site, gonna run..

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