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Finding Forbes March!!!

Danni Minogue, Kyle Minogue's sister does a model shot with Forbes March

34th Annual Emmy Awards in 2007.

TV movie series, Mutant X (2001-2004)
 Speaking with Forbes March made me feel like I was meeting Corey Haim in the mid 80s, I mean it was that exciting. For being voted one of the "50 Sexiest People "and the "Sexiest Star of One Life to Live " he seemed surprisingly very humble. Destined to go to med school, Forbes took a different turn one day while selling watches. He almost turned down the idea of acting because of his lack of experience. I know for all you Soap Addicts out there...I'm guilty of it too...we are so glad he did not!

Where did you get your start? Were you discovered at a mall like Tiffany?

No, (laughing) I was selling watches actually…on the street.

"Matt Malone" in the movie Manhattanites (2008),

What, those fake watches you see in Times Square…you were one of those guys? That’s worse.
Yeah, I was young. So I was selling these fake Gucci watches…and you want to know who my best customers were?

"At first they told me I wasn’t tall enough to model…"

 People who owned real Gucci’s. They always bought the fake ones. I would tell them, ‘it’s like insurance for your watch man’ …so, I was selling my watches in a modeling agency to the staff there and I was discovered…sort of.
What do you mean?
At first they told me I wasn’t tall enough to model…
So the acting came first, okay…I was wondering about that actually.
The acting came first. And when one of the agents asked me could I act I said no. But when I left I took one of their business cards.
Thank god you did that!
Yeah but I didn’t have any experience in acting. So, shortly after that I reconsidered. I was just selling watches and saw the rain wasn’t going to stop and went back in and got my first gig (cast as Brandon in 1991 on Northwood . It was a Canadian Series like 90210). So that ran for a bit and after that when I began to look for work again I couldn’t find it.
Wow, so when you weren’t looking…
It found me. That’s the way life goes…always.
Not to jump around, but I have this picture here of you and Danni Minogue, Kyle’s sister...she is a huge Australian star. Growing up my sisters and I used to watch Kyle on the popular European show, Neighbors.
Really? She was sweet, very shy…she was very beautiful.
What was the photo shoot for?
I have no idea, that was a while ago.
I have this other one where it looks like you’re hosting an Emmy?
That was the 34th Annual Emmy Awards in 2007.
You’ve done some cool movies.

Forbes starred in the 2005 comedy, "Dirty Love" starring Jenny McCartney
 I was Matt Malone in this movie called Manhattanites (2008), I was in this great indie, Way Off Broadway (2001). I got a Meth Fest Nomination for Best Actor in LA (Pasadena) for that one.
Wow, what's it about?
It’s like a requirement for every actor to do an indie flick like St. Elmo's Fire.
Not a bad requirement, sounds like that would be fun.
Oh, it was, I really liked the energy of all the young actors in the making of the film…it was very sophomoric.
Were you cool in high school?
I didn't think so...I wasn't really a part of any click at all. I was kind of all over the place; I was in three school choirs but I also played football, track, and I was on the wrestling team. I sure didn't have the cool kids phone numbers.
You always get mistaken for Jason Lewis, do you consider that a compliment or an insult?
He’s modeled longer than I have. I’ve acted longer then him though. He’s single and is having a good time.

 In 1999 Forbes March made People Magazine's "50 Sexiest People" list
 What is your work ethic like?
I like to work...I always take the best jobs that are offered to me and I've been pretty lucky to work steedily.
When you were modeling, did you have an agent?
When I was at my peak I had 13, one just to do the schedule, it was crazy.
Do you have a favorite director?
I’ve always wanted to work with Woody Allan. He seems so confused by the world and I can really relate to that.
What’s your favorite music?
I like everything. I really like Adam from American Idol…he’s amazing! He sings like his life depends on it. I think he’s going to be huge. I remember my mom telling me she wanted to go see Bob Dillon once but my father refused to go because he hated rock-n-rock at the time…this is before he got huge. I think this guy is going to go very far…he’s great, he’s just so great.
How has your lifestyle changed since becoming a parent to two children 9 years ago?
I really changed since my second child was born… I feel like I am no longer a boy. I was introduced to my wife when I was modeling in Milan and took her back to the States with me shortly after we got engaged.
You lived in Paris, right? What was that like? Compare it to NY?
Yeah, I lived close to Moulin Rouge. I lived in this tiny but cool apartment. I used to look out at the street performers doing mime and watch them from my window while sipping wine.
How has the recession hurt the acting and modeling world?
It hurts it in a major way! I mean when you see TV shows themselves advertising on their own shows, you know you’re in trouble.
Advertising on their own shows?
A lot of shows aren’t getting the ads because with so many people using the Internet, buying illegal movies, playing video games and not watching TV, these shows aren’t getting the ads, the shows suffer, the actors get paid less and less, it’s horrible…it’s so bad and many people have no idea just how bad it is.
What do you prefer to do? Model or act?

Forbes played the role of Brandon in 1991 on Northwood
 Acting...acting is an out of body're free to do whatever. Modeling is a good lifestyle but acting is what I love to do.
At your age, would you still be considered a marketable model, it's my belief that sometimes the older men get, the better looking?
I don’t know…I’m not really into that stuff, I’d rather act.
You were voted One Life to Live’s sexiest actor and one of America‘s 50 most Beautiful People in 1999?
How do stay so humble?
It doesn’t mean anything to me…sometimes I feel like I should appreciate it. I don’t see what other people see.
You did an amazing TV movie series, Mutant X (2001-2004) a sci-fi, that looked like fun…
It was wicked !
What was your super power?
I could become hard as a rock and was able to stop bullets and I was able to stop cars. We had amazing stunt men to work with…we worked with this one guy who beats people with sticks…we had a martial arts studio right there on the set. At one point, we were short seven minutes and had to shoot it with a fight…we decided to hire every stunt guy in Toronto…we did things with that show that most movies cannot do. The other guy I was working with was really cool. I think it was very extraordinary…considering our budget. It wasn’t an A, it was a B,,,but it was wicked fun.
How would you compare making a soap opera to a series?

Publicity Photo (undated)
 Soaps are very much an actor's medium...they're very neutral scenes to begin with so it's up to you to create the character. Once I was messing around and I based Nash on an animated fox. There’s a scene where Robin Hood dresses like a stork…I would just spin around. In soaps if they don't like you, they won't keep you.
Getting back to the modeling…you just act now?
For the most part. There was one point I was in a different country every week…when tax season came it was a mess!
I could imagine.
There was so many pages, all on spreadsheets, from so many countries in different currencies. I hit a wall after several years of just living in one place after another and another. I started to forget…I woke up once and didn’t know where I was. I couldn’t find any clues. I opened the shutters in a panic and finally realized I was in Germany. I was in China for my birthday shortly after that and everyone was singing Happy Birthday in another language. I had to check a calendar to figure out if it really was my birthday because I didn’t know what day it was.
Reminds me of Lost in Translation.
I had to stop…I think it’s called travel panic when you travel so much you just snap.
You modeled for Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Giorgio Armani, Nautica…you also lived in Europe, Asia, South America…and now you live in Upstate New York.
I’m doing my third principle role in a soap in New York right now (One Life to Life “Nash“ 2005-2008), (All My Children “Scott“) I just recently started as a principle role on As The World Turns.
What do you dislike about acting?
Nothing, I love it. I guess the only thing I don’t like is the wait time. For example today I worked less then fifteen minutes and the rest was waiting time…sometimes actors wait in those trailers for several days. Ever see those trailers parked outside movie sets in Manhattan?

"Nash Brennan" on One Life to Live
Now you know, there’s probably an actor waiting to work.

You learn something new every day. I saw there was a big petition to keep your character on One Life to Live.
Yeah, something about Nash really connected with the audience. When they killed Nash they were very upset and there was a big campaign to keep me on the show. It's strange to have thousands of people you've never met writing in your support. It's's kind of mystifying. Soap fans are wonderful people!

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